Our Animals

Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished

Grass-fed means that, once they are weaned, our animals graze freely on our pastures and are fed no grain, hormones, or antibiotics.  Grass-finished means that they continue to graze and eat grass their entire lives. If we do have to keep the animals in the corrals, as can happen when it snows a lot, they are fed top-quality alfalfa and grass hay. If we treat an animal for illness or injury, that animal is separated out and not sold to our customers. You can be sure that any meat you buy from Dunhill Ranch is free of all harmful chemicals.

Better Tasting – Better For You

Since our animals spend almost all their time eating grass in open pastures, they get lots of fresh air and exercise. This produces a lean, flavorful, tender meat, which has much less fat than a feedlot-raised animal. Less fat means that the meat has a fresher taste, and is better for your heart and your waistline.  

Better For The Animals

Our goal is to raise animals that have lived as natural a life as possible. We believe that it is neither humane nor environmentally-friendly to crowd animals onto feedlots and stuff them full of grain, as happens with most commercial operations. The animals that we raise are well-adapted to New Mexico’s environment and grow well on the local grasses.  It takes longer to grow animals this way, but it’s worth it.

Better For The Land

Our ranch is located in the high desert of south-central New Mexico and the land here is very fragile. We strictly limit the number of animals that we raise to what the land can support long-term. Our animals are raised on a natural cycle that gives the land a chance to rest.  Since the animals are grazing freely, their manure nourishes the land, rather than polluting it. Manure that accumulates in our corrals is recycled in our gardens. We use many other traditional ranching practices such as guardian dogs to keep the predators at bay and herding dogs and horses to move the animals between pastures.