Half or Whole Grass-Fed Steers


Half Steers – If you want a lot of beef at an attractive price, we offer half-steers, USDA-inspected, Cryovac-packaged, and delivered to your door at a simple per-pound-of-meat-delivered price.

What it Costs – When you order a half-steer, you can expect to receive between 175 and 225 pounds of meat, depending on the size of the animal. We charge $10 per pound of meat delivered. This price includes the meat, inspection and inventory, and delivery to your door anywhere from San Antonio to Santa Fe NM. It also includes any applicable sales taxes. There are no extra charges!

What You Get – Here are the cuts that you can expect from our half steers:

        • Boneless Ribeye Steaks OR Bone-in Steaks OR Standing Rib Roast
        • T-Bone Steaks OR Boneless New York Strip and Filet Mignon Steaks
        • Sirloin Steaks
        • Flat-Iron Steaks
        • Top Round Steaks OR Roasts
        • Sirloin Tip Roast OR Kebab Meat
        • Tri-Tip Roast
        • Boneless Chuck Roasts
        • Short Ribs
        • Brisket
        • Skirt Steak
        • Flank Steak
        • Beef Stew Meat
        • Ground Beef (85/15 Grind)
        • Marrow Bones
        • Neck and Knuckle Bones for Soup
        • Beef Liver

These cuts will be delivered fully frozen in 8-10 boxes measuring 16″x10″x6″.

Whole Steers – If you have a large family or prefer your beef processed differently than our standard cuts, a whole steer may be the thing for you. We can deliver live steers to any licensed processing facility in the Rio Grande Valley between San Antonio and Santa Fe NM.

What it Costs – Our steers weigh from 900 to 1100 pounds at butchering time. Live steers cost $3.50 per live-weight pound.  This price includes delivery of the steer to the processor of your choice. You will be responsible for making all arrangements with the processor for hanging, cutting, pickup, and payment.

What You Get – Actual weight of packages will depend on your butchering, but you can estimate that you will receive between 350 to 450 pounds of meat.