Ordering Live Lambs

Live Lambs and Do-it-Yourself Processing – SOLD OUT FOR 2021

If you want top-quality lamb at a rock-bottom price, and you have an adventurous spirit, you may want to consider purchasing a live lamb and processing it yourself, either at your home, or here at the ranch.

Live lambs, picked up at the ranch, cost $3.25/lb (live-weight). We can also deliver live lambs. If you would like to process your lamb here at the ranch, full grown lambs ready for self processing range from 85 to 110 pounds ($276 to $358), plus a facility fee of $60. We provide tools, advice, assistance, butcher-paper, and tape, and we will dispose of bits you don’t want to keep. It’s surprisingly easy to do once you’ve learned how, and it isn’t even terribly messy. It takes about 4 fours total time start to finish, but it’s best to split it over two days (2 hours in the afternoon, 2 hours the next morning), as this gives the meat a chance hang overnight.

Live lambs are generally available from September through December, although you must reserve them in advance- they are very popular! Self-processing at the ranch generally happens when winter is close at hand, typically late November and early December. Again, reserve your lamb early in the year! It costs nothing to reserve a lamb.

Please note that WE DO NOT offer live beef steers or self processing of steers at this time.